# CINEMA /// La Jetée by Chris Marker as a Ciné-Roman Book


I already wrote a more developed article about the 29 minute masterpiece, La Jetée, less than a year ago; nevertheless, I wanted to point out the existence of a very beautiful book that proposes an alternate (or complementary) mean of exploring the powerful universe created by Chris Marker. This book is designed by Bruce Mau, edited by the very valuable Zone Books (see previous articles about The Power of Inclusive Exclusion and Rituals of War) and distributed by the MIT Press.

Since La Jetée is a film composed exclusively (almost !) of photographs and an off voice reading the narrative, not only it fits perfectly with this format of a book that Chris Marker decided to call a Ciné-Roman (roman in French means novel), but the pages allows to associate several photographs together (see above) that compose another way to read images that constitute the movie.

The following link is Zone Book’s page about this book.