# ARCHITECTURAL PROJECTS /// Didier Faustino and his Bureau des Mésarchitectures


Living in New York for quite a while now, I regularly noticed that only few people here knew the work produced by Didier Faustino and his Bureau des Mésarchitectures back in Paris. I therefore decided to introduce a small collection extracted from a long list of projects since 1996.

There is no human mind without a body to live in this time of new media and communication networks, you must recover your awareness of the physical world. Architecture may be a toll to emphasize our senses and sharpen our consciousness of reality, which tends to be erased by speed and over-information. Experiencing Fragility.

In this introductory Manifesto of the Design Document dedicated to the Bureau des Mésarchitectures (2006), Didier Faustino expresses the common link of all his projects. Influenced by Deleuze and Foucault as much as more popular references (see each project’s title), his practice refuses a Cartesian vision of the world that separates the mind from the body. On the contrary, his projects, whether they belong to architecture, industrial design or art, engage the body as a whole and explore its limits, its fragility, its flexibility, and more generally its ability to sense its environment.

This is just a very short introduction to this work which would deserve to be the object of a more precise and developed article:

Fight Club

Casa Nostra

Silent Hill

Concrete Islands

Domestic Stage

Sympathy for the Devil

Home Palace

Love Me Tender