# ARCHITECTURAL PROJECTS /// Coastscraper, Iceberg Autonomy and Fish Tower for Evolo Competition


Evolo just released the winners of the 2011 Competition and as often the interesting projects are more to be searched in the Honorable Mentions (and I know some more that did not even made to this step and that’s a shame) as I would like to illustrate here. I also would like to add that making people pay 65$ to participate in a digital competition is simply outrageous and should really be reconsidered at every levels.

Three projects of those mentions are extremely interesting:
Coastscraper by Gary Kellett (UK) introduces a gigantic and fantastic machine that scrapes the English cliffs, using the chalk to fight against the acidification of the oceans. The level of details of his project and the beauty of his drawings makes it one of the very best project I have seen for this competition for the last six years.

Iceberg Autonomy: Oil Recovery by Akram Fahmi (UK) proposes a symilar narrative by designing a gigantic vessel that accumulates huge quantity of ice in the poles and releases its minerals in the warm waters to stimulate the marine life (nothing is said about the sea levels though).

Fish Tower by Hsing-O Chiang (Taiwan) presents a modernist tower skeleton hosting several enormous aquariums used for aquaculture. The dialogue between the two architectural languages and the beauty of his sections makes it a very beautiful and interesting project.