# ARCHIPELAGOS 00 /// The Funambulist soon to launch ARCHIPELAGOS, a Platform of Desinstitutionalized Knowledge


« Ces noms que j’habite s’organisent en archipels. Ils hésitent aux bords de je ne sais quelle densité, qui est peut-être une cassure, ils rusent avec n’importe quelle interpellation, qu’ils débordent infiniment, ils dérivent et se rencontrent sans que j’y pense ».

Édouard Glissant, Traité du Tout-Monde

In about a month from now, the Funambulist will launch an additional platform of reflection, transmission and discussion of knowledge entitled ARCHIPELAGOS. This platform will consist -at least as a first step- in a series of regular events in the same spirit than the one developed on this blog. As an example, the first event of ARCHIPELAGOS will be a short essay reading by four architects about four literature authors followed by a discussion between them and whoever who will compose the audience.

The goal of those events is to propose a free, convivial and desinstitutionalized sessions of sharing knowledge and interpretations on subjects that exit architecture yet keeps it as filigree within the discourse. Ideally the space of these events should change for every session in order to avoid a form of reinstitutionnalization. I will be therefore interested to know if some people potentially interested by those events own or know a space on which we could host one of each of those sessions.

The title ARCHIPELAGO seemed appropriate, both for the poetic imaginary that this word develops -especially in the work of Edouard Glissant- and its ideal goal that would see a multiplication of those events organized by other people than me and in other cities than New York. This ensemble, constituted of a multitude of islands would remain coherent in its will of creating an alternative to the institutionalized expensive traditional form of tradition of knowledge embodied by Universities.

More to come very very soon, especially the schedule for the first event, he participants and their field of exploration…