# ARCHIPELAGOS /// Call for new Islands


Several of my upcoming next posts will be dedicated to the first event of Archipelagos which occured on November 22nd. However, before doing so, I would like to call for the creation of new “islands” in these archipelagos of dezinstitutionalized knowledge. If you are willing to organize events of this kind, you can click on the page (see in the menu above) dedicated to them and apply from wherever you are in the world. The only common thread that will link all these islands together can be found in the process of those events, which should be triggering a discussion between the present people rather than composing a traditional hierarchical scheme based on a knowledge holder and a more or less passive audience.

In order to so, Archipelagos’ events/islands should dedicate at least 50% of its time to an open conversation with the people who showed-up. Once you organized your event, you can fill the form on the Archipelagos’ page and I will communicate about it on this blog. I very much look forward to receive some propositions. Thank you.