# ARCHIPELAGOS 02 /// The Future Past on December 11th in London


The Future Past symposium draws together five young architectural graduates and a group of interested attendees to discuss the possibility of using the past to re-imagine a future. It is a free event, open to all and with no affiliation to an academic or research institution.

Following the only rule of Archipelagos, the speakers will only each give a short, five-minute talk on their views about the topic, in order to dedicate at least two hours for a broader discussion between all attendees. The open forum of the debate, and the differences of opinion already within the participants will aim to seek out both the agreed terms for the hybridisation of the past, and those areas where there is friction.

The event aims to be a critically useful tool for the viewing of certain architectural tropes. At the same time, a range of guests from other disciplines such as art theory and planning will expand the discussion. This ensures that something fresh will emerge from the questioning of the standpoints presented. In order that the knowledge that is extracted by the group is utilised, it will be published online and in physical form as part of a project to contemporise architectural history.

December 11th
15thVyner Street Gallery, London, E2 9DG10:00-5:00

Guest Speakers: Steve Baumann & Omar GhazalHugh McEwen (see previous post) – Tom NoonanCatrina Stewart (see previous post)
Drawings by James Church & Tom Reynolds