ARCHIPELAGO /// Crowdfunding Campaign for the Podcast Platform of The Funambulist


I am very happy to announce the future launch of a project on which I already spent many hours of work: Archipelago is a podcast platform created in parallel of The Funambulist and sharing the same editorial line:

Nothing of what we design is politically innocent. Architecture, furniture, clothing, art, books, but also laws and policies constitute artifacts that are important to critically question at a political level. This is what proposes the Archipelago platform: conceived as a different medium than the traditional means of knowledge transmission like the university, it proposes four podcasts every week of conversations with various thinkers of the world about this question. (brief of Archipelago)

I already recorded eight of these podcasts and two of them are already available (one with Mimi Thi Nguyen and one with David Garcia) to listen on the ‘sample’ website created for a crowdfunding campaign that just started. This is an ambitious project and it could not happen in this format without a big starting help from people who are willing to follow it. The campaign is aiming at supplying an operative budget to the project for its first six months (January-July 2014). Certain of the thinkers I will talk to are people who already collaborated with The Funambulist (for the guest writers series for example) and you might recognize some of them on the website. I hope that you will be interested in it and I would like to thank in advance those of you who will contribute to the effort. Thank you very much!