# ARCHIPELAGO /// A Huge Thank You to All the Contributors to the Crowdfunding Campaign!


The crowdfunding campaign for the new podcast platform of the Funambulist is now over and thanks to the overwhelming generosity of fifty-four contributors, we reached an operative budget of $3,900 that will allow Archipelago to be launched in January. Readers of the Funambulist will, of course, be notified of this launch, but in the meantime, I cannot thank enough the support that these contributors have manifested through this campaign.

These contributors are Nora Akawi, Raja Shehadeh, Punctum Books, Biayna Bogosian, Isabelle Bellanger, Eduardo McIntosh, Jean-Karl Lambert, Eve Bailey, Alexandre Pachiaudi, David Broadfoot, Tania Elyseu, George Showman & Esther Cheung, Sarah Choukah, Anders Rubing, Ana Catarino, Cecile Ortolo, Florence Cheval, Xinyang Chen, Stephan Knuesel, Kendra James, Tatsuya Sakairi, Ricardo Gomez, Tings Chak, Sarah Leclerc, Sheung Tang Luk, Adam Achrati, Cecil Barnes, Natacha Mankowski, Matt Boynton, Luca Senise, Dena Qaddumi, Nicolas Polaert, Athanasiou Geolas, Jessica King, Jesen Tanadi, Martial Marquet, Helene Clemente, Jean-Baptiste Ruat, AmarĂ­ Peliowski Dobbs, Julia Markey as well as the thirteen other contributors who preferred to remain anonymous.

Thank you to all the people who participated in the spread of this campaign and to Ed Keller, Hiroko Nakatani, Adrienne Hart and Eve Bailey who took the time to advise me for its conception. For those of you who would like to contribute but missed the deadline, I will make sure to soon setup a means thanks to which you would be able to do so. Thank you very much once again.