Ali Zahra

Zahra Ali

Zahra Ali is a sociologist specializing in women and gender studies in relation to Islam and the Middle East and currently a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Chester and a research associate at IFPO-Iraq. Her doctoral research, that she obtained with distinction, was supervized by Nilufer Göle at EHESS and Nadje Al-Ali at SOAS. Her thesis untitled “Women and Gender in Iraq: between Nation-building and Fragmentation” explores contemporary Iraqi women’s activism through an in-depth ethnography of post-2003 Iraqi women’s political groups conducted in Baghdad, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah and a socio-historical study of women’s social, economic and political experiences since the formation of the Iraqi State. She edited Féminismes Islamiques, first collection on Muslim feminist scholarship published in France (La Fabrique editions, 2012), translated and published in German (Passagen Verlag, 2014).

– “Guest Columns: The Fragmentation of Women’s Rights in Post-Invasion Iraq,” in The Funambulist 7 (Sept-Oct 2016) Health Struggles.


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