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Merve Bedir

Merve Bedir graduated from Department of Architecture I METU, in 2003. She was involved in a variety of projects in Turkey, Egypt, Georgia until 2008. Since then, she has been conducting her PhD on behavior and consumption, at the Faculty of Architecture I TUDelft, where she was involved in projects about urban regeneration and reuse in Salzburg and Copenhagen. She has several publications about urban transformation, sustainable development, and user behavior and energy consumption. She was a freelance curator for the Netherlands Architecture Institute in 2012, where she made two main projects on reuse of buildings and urban transformation in Turkey.

– “Guest Column: A New Parliament in Rojava, Kurdistan,” in The Funambulist 3 (Jan-Feb 2016) Clothing Politics.
– “Guest Column: Coup Attempt in Turkey and ‘Democracy Watch’,” in The Funambulist 7 (Sept-Oct 2016) Health Struggles.

-” Insurgent Architectures of Mobility in Gaziantep, Melbourne and Bishan” in The Funambulist 23 (May-June 2019) Insurgent Architectures.

– 2.5 Million Refugees in Turkey: A Few Architectural and Linguistic Considerations (recorded on February 20, 2016)


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