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Françoise Vergès

Françoise Vergès is a Paris-based political theorist and the Chair of Global South(s) (Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris). She is the author of numerous books, including Monsters and Revolutionaries. Colonial family romance and “Métissage”, Duke University Press, 1999. She writes on slavery, colonialism, imperialism, decolonial feminism and new politics of dispossession and racialization. She is the curator of “L’Atelier,” a regular collective workshop among artists and scholars, and other events. She is an activist in the global antiracist struggle.

– “Guest Columns: March for Dignity and Against Racism in Paris,” in The Funambulist 3 (Jan-Feb 2016) Clothing Politics.

– “Bananas: Racism, Sex, and Capitalism,” in The Funambulist 6 (Jul-Aug 2016) Object Politics.
“Mayotte: A Site of French Postcolonial Republicanism,” in The Funambulist 9 (Jan-Feb 2017) Islands.

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