Amin Aysha


Aysha Amin is the co-founder of the culture and art space Andromeda8220 and the food cooperative Smag à la Gellerup. She is 23 years old, born and raised in the west side of Aarhus, Gellerup, where she has been living through the masterplan for the past 10 years, the biggest urban renovation project in Denmark, while working on various projects in the area, before starting her own to support some local representative initiatives. Today she works within the field of community and architecture, art and activism, researching and documenting the social and physical changes of Gellerup with collaborative communication design and social media strategies. She is also the co-founder of Almen Modstand in Aarhus.


“GUEST COLUMNS: Being a Percentage, Rather Than a Human Being in Denmark”, in The Funambulist 13 Queers, Feminists and Interiors (September-October 2017)

“Post Masterplans and the Ongoing Structural Racism in Denmark”, in The Funambulist 25 Self-Defense (September-October 2019)

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