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Alex Shams

Alex Shams is an Iranian-American journalist and a PhD student of Anthropology at the University of Chicago. He was based in Bethlehem, Palestine from 2013-2015, where he worked for Ma’an News Agency, the largest independent Palestinian news agency. He previously received his master’s from Harvard University in Middle Eastern studies. His work focuses on the intersections of gender, religion, politics, and urban space in the modern Middle East. He is an editor-in-chief of Ajam Media Collective, a platform focused on culture and society throughout Iran as well as Central and South Asia.

“POLITICAL WALKS: Tehran: Rise and Fall of the City’s Premier Nightclub Strip,” in The Funambulist 7 (Sept-Oct 2016) Health Struggles
“THE WEAPONIZATION OF NOSTALGIA: How Afghan Miniskirts Became The Latest Salvo In The ‘War On Terror'”, in The Funambulist 15 (Jan-Feb 2018) Clothing Politics #2

Gender Politics in the Iranian Urban Space (recorded on December 15, 2014)
– Five Fragments of the Apartheid Landscape in Palestine (recorded on February 12, 2015)


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