I recently watched Jim Jarmusch‘s last movie, The Limits of Control, and I was stunned to see that a whole part of the movie’s first part was taking scene in what may one of my very favorite buildings in the world: the Torres Blancas in Madrid designed by Fransisco Saenz de Oiza (1961)
It is interesting to observe that this fantastic building stands very close from the very published Puerta del America Hotel which has tried to gathered all the architecture star system (Hadid, Foster, Nouvel, Chipperfield etc.) and thus proves that mainstream architecture is nothing more than a capitalist luxury product. Choose your camp ! 

Besides those considerations, The Limits of Control is once again for Jarmusch a very interesting and beautiful movie, a manifesto for emotion, passion and introversion through art against its capitalization. It is still in Theater in Europe and I really recommend it.