Emmanuel Dupont & Colin Priest
(picture The rise of Neptune Colin Priest/Greg Andrews -Nuit sans Opéra)


In a world accented by youth and speed, edges rather than content are the physical reality.
Within those, human relationships make and un-make. Collaborating is the issue. Knowing and arguing your position is another.

Hard and soft matters as well as nothingness may hook, plant and position a place but the challenge of contemporary architecture is to get up close and personal to people not conceptually or physically but in a way to sustain opportunity across generations.

Why care about form that will suit no-body? Slow down, be selective. Forget the single function if everything else is multi-platform. Reconsider a sensitive adventure beyond efficient manufacture and towards an agile assembly evolution.

What if we cared more about time? Working the instant, the long term, the short term and the structure that makes any event magical (or any other basic terms that enhance everyday life).

Let us construct moments to remember and everything in-between.