Spatiology is a book written (and drawn) by Vittorio Giorgini, former teacher at the Pratt Institute who exposes among other fields, his interest for the geometrical and physical construction of topological thin shell structures.
The book is rich of various drawings illustrating the geometrical processes applied to simple surfaces in order to achieve topological characteristics. This research matches with Giorgini’s obsession for the minimal impact of a building on the ground. We can observe this obsession through the Casa Saldarini (Italy 1962) and the Liberty Center (done with Pratt’s students in New York 1976) but also in other projects designed by the Italian architect which are using a more “industrial” architectural vocabulary.

A video is available on youtube
showing Giorgini in the garden of the Casa Saldarini talking (in Italian) about his small scales shells but also about the house itself (starting after the 5th minute)

Casa Saldarini

Liberty Center