Looking for drawings of the incredible Claude Parent, I found an ad for one of his house , known as Maison Bordeaux le Pecq,in Bois-le Roy, that is for sale.

It is always a weird situation when some iconic buildings have to be sold, specially to a private owners, that implied the limitation of the access or most of time no accesss at hall, it reminds me being in LA in front of the closed door of one of the case study houses…pretty frustrating!

The act of buying or saling architecture as a completed building is different than buying or saling an Art piece, because sor far you can not move it an art piece is most of time something you cand export, sale, sometimes reproduce in a limited serie…
But Last year The Kaufman House of Richard Neutra has been sold as a piece of art and reach the price of $ 19 million in an auction sale in 2007 , the former owner purchased it for $1.3 million in 1991.

The name of the architects are more and more well know and the signature really matter specially for the modern architecture, a real market is being developped around that.
Architecture is a pretty
imperceptible quality , that no one can evaluate precisely, it is bringing the architecture market closer than ever to the art market.

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Originally posted by Martial Marquet