# INDUSTRIAL DESIGN /// The Geometrical Particularity of the Gömböc


I am not really sure if I would be able to write any new article until the end of the year, so in the meantime, here is a very short aside post to discover a particular object : the Gömböc. Invented by Gábor Domokos and Péter Várkonyi in 2006, this shape is inspired by some species of turtle which developed a type of carapace that allow them to swing back to their normal position if they ever fall on their back. The particularity of the Gömböc is to have only two points of equilibrium (one stable and one unstable) which makes it unique in the realms of objects. In the little world of a certain architectural academia which boast about researching on “form finding”, I find interesting to see that this discipline is actually practiced within the world of mathematics with all the rigor that it implies. I am out of my element here, so I should be careful in my hypotheses but I am wondering if the invention of an object without any point of equilibrium would not be the same thing than to trigger a perpetual movement (on a flat area).  In that case, it would be also interesting to confront the geometrical ideal with the real object which can never escape from slight discrepancies…designers might be of help here…

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