# CURATING, WRITING, DESIGNING /// Current Opportunities (Canadian Center for Architecture, The State, Architecture for Humanity)

Philippe Rahm. Interior Weather installation made for the CCA exhibition environ(ne)ment. 2006.

In a recent article, I was quoting Jill Stoner who writes that what she calls minor architects have to enlarge their spectrum of skills and functions (I am paraphrasing) in order to propose a real consistency to their discipline. This post introduces three opportunities involving different mediums and talents.

CURATING2012 Curational Opportunities Program proposed by the Canadian Center for Architecture: The Young Curator Program offers the opportunity to propose and curate a project on the contemporary debate in architecture, urbanism, and landscape design during a residency of 3 months at the CCA beginning in Fall 2012. In parallel the Power Corporation of Canada Curatorial Internships proposes the opportunity to become acquainted with the CCA’s collection, exhibition, and research programs through a 6 to 9 month internship beginning in Fall 2012.
Deadline: April 27th 2012

WRITING: Call for submission by the fairly new journal The State which recently released a first issue entitled Voicings/Articulations/Utterances. The second volume for which this call for submission is inspirationally  called Speculative Geographies. I include it into the ‘writing’ but in reality this opportunity gathers a vaster field of possibilities.
Deadline: April 30th 2012

DESIGNING: Competition [un]restricted access by Architecture for Humanity. This is a very good opportunity to design a space useful for the collectivity in the ruins of what used to be a military facility. The choice of the latter is completely open but few of them are proposed as examples including the incredible Flak Towers in Vienna or the Marine Corps Air Station in California. Note the good idea of making the entry fee free for people designing in developing countries.
Deadline: June 1st 2012 (May 1st for registration)

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