# CINEMA /// Retrospective Béla Tarr in New York

The Turin Horse (2011)

The Lincoln Center Film Society in New York starts today a retrospective of the films created and directed by Béla Tarr (see previous article about Werckmeister Harmonies) several months after the Hungarian filmmaker announced that he will now stop making movies. The Turin Horse is his last movie and introduces the life of the horse that drove Nietzsche to his madness after he saw it being beaten to death by its owner.

Jacques Rancière recently published a book about his work: Béla Tarr, le temps d’après (Capricci editions) and gave the following lecture at the Pompidou Center in December:


Damnation (1988)

Werckmeister Harmonies (2000)

The Man from London (2007)

Satantango (1994)

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