# ARCHIPELAGOS 03 /// Violence, Segregation, and Solidarity on December 21st in New York

Moderated by Caroline Filice Smith
Title of the Event/Island: Violence, Segregation, and Solidarity
Location of the Event/Island: 97 Kenmare St  New York
Date of the Event/Island: Wednesday the 21st of December; 3-5 pm

Although statements of solidarity and non-violence can be heard at most General Assemblies and Occupations across the country; the urban and architectural typologies found within the Occupy LA camp defaulted into normalized zones of exclusion and segregation [ie:the gated community].
This ideological break between statements of inclusion, and the physical reality of segregation, implemented by arguably the most ‘radical’ of the camps inhabitants, begs the following question:
Why, when it came to urbanism, and architecture, did even the most ‘radical’ revolutionaries immediately default into the typologies most directly connected to/embedded in the system they are trying to overcome.
I [Caroline Filice Smith] will do a short presentation on the typologies of urbanism and architecture found within the occupy LA camp, how this physicality stood in opposition to the movements larger ideology of being ‘horizontal, democratic, transparent, and participatory’, and how this disjunction continues to affect the community structure at Occupy LA.  Then we will discuss and speculate on what other alternatives could have been, and what the physical possibilities of an open, participatory and democratic architecture/community are given a climate of increasing militarization from outside forces [ie: the architecture of anarchism within a police state]


François Bellanger

Mettre une photo de la Moneda en sept 71 pour un tel débat est franchement une faute de goût et frôle tres honnetementl’obscenite !!! Ce qui s’est passe au Chili est quand même trop terrible pour être comparé à ce qui se passe aux E.U aujourd’hui.

Change de photo stp


Léopold Lambert

Bonjour Francois

La photo, tout comme le choix (et le texte) ne sont pas miens mais ceux du moderateur de ce workshop d’archipelagos. Je suis navre que ca te pose a ce point la un probleme.

A bientot


L’inculture politique des jeunes américains est tellement crasse qu’ils utilisent des images de crimes qu’ils ont soutenus pour se révolter contre des faits “légèrement” moins graves …

Pourquoi pas ? Mais que toi tu laisses passer cela m’étonne un peu ;-))

Léopold Lambert

Francois, je ne peux pas a la fois promouvoir le cote democratique d’une plate-forme de discussion et censurer ce qui ne me plait pas, c’est tout.


In what sense the image above (11 sept. 73) is related to the text presented?

I’m just curious, because that image is quite powerful even nowdays in my country.

Léopold Lambert

Hello Christian,

the photo has been chosen by Caroline, the moderator of the event. She did not want to use photos from Occupy L.A. to avoid a fetichization from the architects. Why Santiago then? I am not quite sure but I think that she wanted to use a strong symbol of antagonism within a given country.

The conversation in French above tackles the same issue as my friend Francois was also upset about this choice.


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