# LIBERTY SQUARE /// “This is what Democracy looks like” is not just a mere Slogan

Liberty Square on October 9th 2011

It’s been more than three weeks now that Wall Street is occupied and the amount of participants keeps increasing everyday. Now that the Press cannot ignore anymore the movement, criticisms and mockeries -usually done with a clenched smile which reveals much about their authors- are coming by hundreds. The main excuse for criticism that seems to emerge from this sea of contempt consists in the fact that the movement did not have  yet came up with any consistent demand. This observation is symptomatic of a deep misunderstanding from some people (including long timer leftists) for this movement: There is no demands for the good reason that there is nobody to address those demands to. The very principle of this movement consists in the recognition for no leader, nor even for any form of representation of a collective power. Any demands would only enclose the movement to a system it refuses at its base.

For the last three weeks, hundreds of New Yorkers (and from elsewhere) have experienced and demonstrated what a system of direct democracy looks like. They did it without asking the authorization to anyone and gained their legitimacy to do so retroactively  by salvaging an absolute openness and strict leaderness to this occupation. “This is what democracy looks like” is not just a mere slogan, this is a manifesto of what is happening right now. What comes next, detached of the thread of the present has no importance, only the continuous effort to make this movement lives according to its collective principles is.
This process is a beautiful thing to assist at and participate to. Each person comes to Liberty Square with a set of skills that (s)he can, teach, communicate about and, more importantly, apply in a the most direct way. The following film, Right Here All Over directed by Alex Mallis & Lilly Henderson is a beautiful ode to this spirit in which everybody has something useful to bring in.

I am well aware that this interpretation of the movement created on Liberty Square can be seen as somehow pessimistic as it recognizes that the refusal of addressing any demands will lead eventually to the extinction of the movement with no pragmatic progress in the laws that rule the United States and in the foreign policies implemented by this same State. However, I would like to argue that we have all the reasons to be happy about this interpretation: First of all, because they can’t fail us since we remain the masters of what happen to us. Secondly, and that is much more important, because more than gaining a microscopic change authorized by condescending institutions and their representatives, we will have modified the imaginaries of everybody who will have heard us with the slightest openness of mind. This is how the future gets build.

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