# EXHIBITIONS /// Lines by Adam Draper, Hugh McEwen & Greg Skinner

drawing by Dijan Malla

Knowing my interest for the notion of lines (as an example, see the recent article about Enric Miralles’ drawings), Hugh McEwen was kind enough to send me a small press release of the exhibition he is currently curating with Adam Draper and Greg Skinner in London, simply entitled Lines. This exhibition gathers a certain amount of architectural hand drawings that offers a reflection on this specific mean of representation, each author developing a short personal interpretation of his (her) use of hand drawings.
The catalogue of the exhibition can be found by following this link and the following text is the press release’s introduction:

An exhibition of original hand drawings

18.08.11 – 27.08.11

1st Floor Gallery, 3 Baltic Street East, London, EC1Y 0UJ

12:00 – 7:00 every day, including weekends

Organised by: Adam Draper, Hugh McEwen, Greg Skinner


LINES is an intimate exhibit of exclusively original hand-drawn
architectural works.

Spanning the course of 20 years in academia and with 20 exhibitors,
LINES aims to take a snapshot of past, current and future use of hand
drawing within architectural academia.

In a reserved and concise manner, it seeks to demonstrate that hand
drawing is as relevant today as it has ever been, and is the most
enduring and direct form of architectural communication.

The exhibition will be opened at 6pm on the 18th of August.

LINES celebrates the relationship between architecture and drawing,
between idea and
delivery, and between image and meaning. Hand drawing communicates personality,
flair and imagination in a way with which other methods struggle.
Techniques include ink on paper, pencil sketch, traces, and metalwork
to name but a few. Each exhibitor brings something new,
something individual. All of the work shown here is original:
no reproductions, no digital enhancements, no CAD, no Photoshop.
This exhibit does not denounce computer assisted drawing, but highlights the
continued and relevant existence of the older, more direct method.
Given the communicative power of the drawings on show, accompanying text
is kept to a minimum. A catalogue of the event’s
exhibitors is available. LINES could not have happened without the
support of Amin Taha Architects, who also host the exhibit.
The curation and set-up of the exhibit was a joint venture between all
but mention should go to Adam Draper for rallying the troops,
and Hugh McEwen for producing the catalogue.

Containing works by:

Tim Norman
Yianni Kattirtzis
Thom Ibbitson
Anthony Roberts
Michael Dean
Ka Man Leung
Adam Draper
Omar Ghazal
Hugh McEwen
Dijan Malla
Richard Meddings
Tom Noonan
Richard Cheesman
Amin Taha
Greg Skinner
James Redman

2 Comments on “# EXHIBITIONS /// Lines by Adam Draper, Hugh McEwen & Greg Skinner

  1. just went down to the exhibition. cool stuff presented. very selective what is on the wall but still worth a visit. great drawing to see !!

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