# DELEUZE /// Episode 2: Abécédaire

Abécédaire is a 7h30 long interview of Gilles Deleuze achieved in 1988 by Claire Parnet, his former student and close friend and produced & directed by Pierre-André Boutang. This is, in my opinion, the most wonderful entrance door one could dream to start exploring Deleuze’s philosophy as his language in this video is much more simplified than the one he uses in his books (at least in most of his books).
This document is entitled Abécédaire as both C.Parnet and G.Deleuze exchange on a series of topics and problems that are proposed as one for each letter of the alphabet as following:

A as Animal
B as Boisson (Drink)
C as Culture
D as Désir (Desire)
E as Enfance (Childhood)
F as Fidélité (Fidelity)
G as Gauche (Left)
H as Histoire de la philosophie (History of Philosophy)
I as Idée (Idea)
J as Joie (Joy)
K as Kant
L as Littérature (Literature)
M as Maladie (Disease)
N as Neurologie (Neurology)
O as Opéra
P as Professeur (Professor)
Q as Question
R as Résistance
S as Style
T as Tennis
U as Un (One)
V as Voyage (Travel)
W as Ludwig Wittgenstein
X et Y as Inconnues (unknown)
Z as Zig-zag

This precious document is not very famous in the English world as it has never been translated (at least in its entirety) in English. However, for those who understand or speak Spanish, the integrality of the video is available on youtube with Spanish subtitles.
As I previously said, that I wanted more and more that this blog becomes veritably an archive, I here embed the totality of the interview: (however, the approach by chapter might be easier and can be found in a much more fragmented way here)

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