# POLITICS /// Slavoj Zizek’s First as a Tragedy then as a Farce by RSA Animate

After the video of David Harvey (see previous article) here is the RSA Animate video for Slavoj Zizek‘s speech at the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. Zizek’s lecture, First as a Tragedy then as a Farce is associated with his book of the same name (2009) and is now well known by the public but the brilliant illustration of the RSA Animate makes it very didactic, concise and clear.

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I was just about posting a video on Zizek’s violence, came here to find the link of your old article on his book and found this video posted today. Great coincidence :)

David Pestian

I wanted to tell you my discust at your converstations in the the feature included with the movie “Children of Men”. Your comments on global warming due to man’s intervention are unfounded and unscientific. It has long been known that the environment of earth is subject to large temperature swings on its own. This has caused scientific evidence of large Catastrophes that are documented in the earth’s structure. I wonder why you proliferate this fear mongering attitude if for nothing else to create more publications. I look forward to a reply if you have the fortitude.

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Léopold Lambert

I am sorry but what are you referring to ?

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