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The New York Times informs us today, Monday that Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is been incarcerated for the second time in less than six months (see previous article) three months after his studio has been destroyed by the Chinese authorities (see other article). Lebbeus Woods has written on his blog that he will refuse any new projects in China until Weiwei is liberated (he could have canceled the current one but, it’s… Read More

picture: La Maison Baroque, from Gilles Deleuze, The Fold (1993) Diagram: from Old French diagramme, from Greek, dia across/through, gramma something written, letter of the alphabet, that which is marked out by lines, a geometrical figure, written list, register, the gamut of scale in music. (Geom.) A figure composed of lines, serving to illustrate a definition or statement, or to aid in the proof of a proposition. An illustrative figure, which, without… Read More

A Thousand Machines is a recent book written by Austrian Philosopher Gerald Raunig and published in the beautiful series of semiotext(e) (The Coming Insurrection, The Agony of Power, Introduction to Civil War etc.) distributed by the MIT Press. The title is an obvious reference to A Thousand Plateaus and their War Machine elaborated by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari and intend to question this notion of machine with a Marxist approach. What… Read More


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