# LECTURES AND SYMPOSIUMS /// Speculative Materialism in Rovinj (Croatia) & The Social Parameter at ESA

On August 6-7th, in Rovinj (Croatia) will be held an incredible symposium organized by Alissa Andrasek and Bruno Juricic entitled Speculative Materialism. During two days, amazing speakers (Reza Negarestani, Ed Keller, Usman Haque, Francois Roche, Wolf Prix, Tom Kovac, Alissa Andrasek and so much more…) will expose one by one, how their work are more or less generated by materialism philosophy.

Closer from now, my friend Andri Gerber, professor at the Ecole Speciale d’Architecture is organizing a round table questioning the human and social aspect of computer generated architecture. This round table will involve a conversation between Antoine Picon, Sandford Kwinter, Albena Yaneva, Daniel Dendra, Philippe Morel and Odile Decq.


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