# POLITICS /// Which press can we trust ?

Reading the French Press who ignored Tunisia’s dictatorial regime for years and pretend to care now that the Tunisians went down in the street to overthrow this same regime, watching the American Press which discharge its daily racism and ignorance, reading various papers around the world which continues to affirm that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a symmetrical war, I am wondering which Press can we trust. Not only all those important Press groups around the World are submitted to the Market logic imposed by their powerful shareholders, but the problem is also related that one only sees the World in the way he expect to see it. That is how an narrow vision of it developed without really ever finding an alternative.

I personally give a lot of credit to the web-tv news Democracy Now and the French internet platform Rue 89 but I would really appreciate that people who would know  integer and interesting journalistic mediums write their names in the comments’ section.

4 Comments on “# POLITICS /// Which press can we trust ?

  1. for overview and occurances (not necessarily journalistic), al jazeera english

    • Thanks for indymedia, I am going to follow that in the coming days.
      As far as the BBC is concerned, I remember liking the radio when I was listening to it several years ago but my criticism of the press what not so sharp back then.


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