# PHILOSOPHY /// The Other Spinoza on French Radio

# PHILOSOPHY /// The Other Spinoza on French RadioJanuary 8, 2011

Philosophy - By: Léopold Lambert

The Radio Program Les Nouveaux Chemins de la Connaissance that I regularly mention on this blog just released five hours of broadcast about every texts published by Spinoza but the Ethics (as the Ethics usually covers up the others with its genius). Of course all those other texts, whether they have been written before or after the Ethics are eventually all premonitory or retrospectively referring to it:

Links towards the broadcasts
– 01/03/11: Theological-Political Treatise
– 01/04/11: Treatise on the Emendation of the Intellect
– 01/05/11: Letters
– 01/06/11: Political Treatise
– 01/07/11: Short Treatise

For those of you who are not familiar with Spinoza’s terminology and ideas I can refer you to the short essay, Architectures of Joy, that I recently wrote about Parent/Virilio and Arakawa/Gins’ architecture as being a Spinozist one.

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Le Catarchitecte

I’ve juste discovered your blog. I’ve read it from the bottom to the top. And i have to say that it was a strange event for me : first, I listen every day the radio program made by Raphael Enthoven and I was thinking all the day about the Philippe Petit’s performance. Then, a few clics after i’m on your website and i found all this words. // Je suis un jeune architecte français//, actually studing in China. Here’s my blog : http://cata-architecture.com/

Léopold Lambert

Salut Thomas,

merci pour ton message. Effectivement les coincidences sont frappantes parfois, c’est a ce demander si elles sont reellement coincidences et vu que ces commentaires sont sur un post sur Spinoza, si on le decide a le suivre, coincidence devient meme un mot absurde !
J’ai regarde un petit peu ton blog (tu as vraiment un code barre sur la nuque qui dit less is more ????) et le ferai sans doute plus en detail bientot. J’ai moi aussi habite un petit peu en Chine et tes photos me rappelle ma vie la-bas !
A bientot

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