# POLITICS /// Fear as a political weapon is winning

# POLITICS /// Fear as a political weapon is winningDecember 23, 2010

History / Law - By: Léopold Lambert
Believe it or not but on November 29th, Switzerland is holding a national referendum to know whether or not they should forbid minarets within the country…It is interesting to see that the exact same people who wanted globalization as a system of free trade and circulation of goods are now not accepting the fact that this system allowed people to move from a country to another. Recently a survey in French newspaper Le Figaro (most of its readers are supporting the current government) was asking whether people were favorable to the construction of a new big mosque in Marseilles. Asking this question is already shocking but the result was even more. 75% of people were against this construction…
This poster comes from the right wing Swiss party UDC (Union Democratique du Centre) and says “yes to the Minaret forbidding”. As you can see, systematic association of Islam with terrorism (those minarets are meant to look like rockets) and woman oppression is still working as an argument on people’s paranoia… Architecture for its symbolic value is here in the center of the conservative target who refuse the hybridization of cultures and ethnic groups (another poster also shows colored hands grabbing Swiss passports followed by a title calling for the end of what people names “massive naturalization”).
Xenophobia and racism have became delicate weapons confusing on purpose culture and social status that a lot of politician learned to use more or less subtly in order to suggest to people what fear produces in them.

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