# MILITARIZED ARCHITECTURES /// NYPD mobile folding miradors

Skywatch is an invention that any New Yorker (at least any Brooklyner) can daily observe in the public space. The New York Police Department has created a new apparatus of panopticon by making itself mobile. Situated at 22 feet high, one police officer helped by a bunch of surveillance cameras can monitor a district without being seen. The mobility of this device has at least two advantages, first to be able to deploy itself in any district which is supposed to be supervised, secondly (and that is the sly aspect) to be integrated more easily by the local population who will accept the surveillance for a temporary time.
I am very surprised this kind of device did not spread out in Europe yet. Nicolas Sarkozy, when he was still the French Minister of Internal Affairs dissolved what we called the “proximity police”, I would not be surprised that now that he is the President he would replaced it by those shameful mobile folding miradors…

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