# MILITARIZED ARCHITECTURES /// Little class of Camouflage in Architecture

I’ve been recently interested in camouflage in architecture and I excerpted the following documents from two books:
– Camouflage by Tim Newark. Thames and Hudson 2007
– Industrial Camouflage Manual. Pratt Institute 1942
When the first one (fourth first pictures) attempts to explore camouflage as much in military than in the animal world and in art, the second one was developed during the Second World War and was interestingly enough, intended to participate to the war effort.
I let you discover those pages that speak for themselves…



There is an interesting exhibition at the Canadian Center for Architecture about the role of the architect in wartime. You should check it out online if possible since camouflaging was covered fairly extensively. It was a really good exhibit.

Léopold Lambert

It sounds interesting. Thanks a lot !

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