# STUDENTS /// Another dance macabre by Martin Byrne

Another dance macabre is the project designed by Martin Byrne‘s (see previous post) project for Thomas Leeser’s Final Graduate Studio at Pratt. This project investigates a way to reveal a program that has been kept out of sight for few decades now: slaughterhouses. In the same way that some Muslim countries develops in order to perpetuate the tradition’s rules, Martin is proposing to set a local self-slaughter program linked to each subway station in Manhattan (!). His designed, both influenced by Sigfried Giedeon’s Mechanization takes Commands and Temple Grandin’s diagrams, use an architectural vocabulary voluntarily provocative in its dirtiness which strikes in Midtown Manhattan’s seamless.
The condition of the “do it yourself” is also fundamental to this project which tries to confront people’s habits with their responsibilities and consequences.


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