# HETEROTOPIAS IN CINEMA /// The Naked Lunch by David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch (1991) is an interpretation of William Burroughs’ novel (1959) and Burroughs’ life in general. It thus dramatizes the interzone, the famous heterotopia of the novel, Burroughs’ vision of Tangier (Morocco) with a layer of hallucination due to drugs. The interzone is an incredible metropolitan place (I am pretty sure Georges Lucas had it in mind when he created Tatooine) where all kind of “creatures” interact with each others…
I here can not resist to quote my favorite quote of the book itself:


The physical changes were slow at first, then jumped forward in black klunks, falling through his slack tissue, washing away the human lines…In his place of total darkness mouth and eyes are one organ that leaps forward to snap with transparent teeth…but no organ is constant as regards either function or position…sex organs sprout anywhere…rectums open, defecate and close…the entire organism changes color and consistency in split-second adjustments…

William Burroughs. The Naked Lunch. Grove Press 2001

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