# STUDENTS /// Manhattan Oneirocritica by Fredrik Hellberg

When I read this article on BLDGBLOG two weeks ago, I immediately thought of Fredrik Hellberg’s marvelous project for AA intermediary 6 two years ago. Fredrik created a dreamlike Manhattan, some kind of uchronia that Philip K. Dick who have probably loved and which propose an hybridization of antinomic systems whose egoistic presence have to negotiate between one another in order to exist.
Koolhaas wrote the “retrospective Manhattan manifesto” with Delirious New York, Fredrik Hellberg could be said to design a nostalgic vision of the future.

Here is the text he wrote associated to the project :

Manhattan Oneirocritica
AA Inter 6 2007- 2008
Tutors: Alistair Gill & Veronika Schmid
This project visualizes the unbuilt twentieth-century visionary projects for Manhattan. It was generated through a quest to explore spatial languages that goes beyond the material and into the deep oceans of the mind, imagination, thought, meditation, fantasy, spirituality, psychedelic journeys and the dream. The language of the project is that of dreams: a state where the mind itself creates the space while perceiving it. To explore the world of dreams is to debate the logic of your own mind and universe.


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