# STUDENTS /// Digital Architecture: Passages Through Hinterlands by Ruairi Glynn & Sara Shafiei

I usually don’t review books I did not read, but since this one gathers projects I more or less know, I am pretty sure that it is a very interesting one.
The name is Digital Architecture: Passages Through Hinterlands and it has been created by Ruairi Glynn (redactor of Interactive Architecture) & Sara Shafiei (remember the famous Theater for Magicians ?)who are both very close from the Bartlett. This book follows the eponymous exhibition which was developed this year in London. The coherency of this compendium comes from the territory of practice (London) and the generation (young). Graduate students’ work comes from what I would call the three best narrative schools of architecture which are the Bartlett (with Christian Kerrigan’s 200 years architecture project for example), the University of Westminster and the Royal College of Arts, thus justifying such a evocative title (Passages through Hinterland).
Other projects comes from talented people such as Usman Haque, Mette Thomsen, Philip Beesley, Tobias Klein, Marcos and Marjan etc. Foreword is unsurprisingly from Neil Spiller.

You can see a 40 pages preview on the book website

Kenny Tsui 

David Greene & Samantha Hardingham

Michael Wihart

Nicolas Szczepaniak

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